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How Can You Run Faster Using A Proper Takeoff?

In this section I will answer the question, “How can you run faster during the takeoff?” and why your “takeoff” speed is so important.

The important things you need to learn in this section are:

  • Importance of takeoff speed in any “run faster” program.
  • Ways to run faster by prepping your body for speed.
  • What to do to run faster during the takeoff.

I will give you a quick summary of each topic and will go into extensive detail afterwards.

How Can You Run Faster Using A Fast Takeoff Speed

Before I start to answer your question of, “How can you run faster using a fast takeoff speed?”, I want to first explain what a takeoff is so that you and I can understand each other and be on the same page.

The “takeoff” or the “launch” is the beginning portion of every high speed run.

How can I run faster with a fast takeoff launch
80-90% of your maximum speed happens during the "takeoff" or "launch".

It is the moment where your body is at a complete standstill and motionless till the time that you “launch” into motion.

This “takeoff” or “launch” period usually lasts somewhere between 1-10 yards (meters).

If you are already in motion and decide to haul ass and accelerate to full speed, this would not be considered a “takeoff” or “launch” because you are already in motion.

This is just simply called acceleration while in motion.

So it’s very important that you understand that the “takeoff” or “launch” starts from where you are completely motionless.

Throughout this “run faster” program, you will often hear me refer to the terms “takeoff” and “launch” interchangeably.

I want you to realize they both mean the same thing, so don’t get confused by the specific terms or labels that are being used.

Instead I want you to focus on understanding and applying the scientific “concepts” and “principles” behind the terms.

Importance Of Takeoff Speed In Any “Run Faster” Program

This “takeoff” or “launch” is often overlooked in many “run faster” programs because most people are not aware that nearly 80-90% of your maximum speed happens during the takeoff!

This is the reason why I put so much focus on the takeoff portion in my “run faster” program.

I know that if I can get you to reach your maximum speed within 10 yards (meters), then you will have a huge speed advantage over your opponent because most people do not know how to takeoff properly with power and speed.

When you DO NOT takeoff properly in football, track, baseball, etc., you end up:

  • Wasting valuable “time” accelerating to full speed.
  • Using too much “distance” accelerating to full speed.
  • Allowing your opponents time to catch up to you.
  • Allowing your opponents time to get ahead of you.

This is why learning how to takeoff and launch your body into full speed is so important.

In my speed training research, I have discovered that the biggest reason why you would have a poor takeoff speed is because your body is NOT perfectly “balanced” for speed:

  1. Before the takeoff, and
  2. During the takeoff

“You can not reach your maximum running speed if your body is not balanced for speed!”

So how do you get your body balanced for maximum running speed you may ask?

I’m glad you asked…

Ways To Run Faster

There are several ways to run faster, but I prefer to focus and put emphasis on training you to takeoff with a faster speed by improving 2 major areas of your takeoff.

How do I run faster like Marion Jones - Personal Trainer Tai

  • The first area I will focus on is training you how to properly; prepare and “balance” your entire body while you are still motionless before the takeoff.
  • The second area I will focus on is training you how to develop a powerful and explosive takeoff.

Remember, my goal is to get you to reach 80-90% of your maximum running speed within the first 10 yards (meters) so you can reach your full running speed before your opponent.

Having a fast takeoff speed is a huge game changer because even if your opponent is much faster than you, he may NOT necessarily have a faster takeoff speed than you.

In a sport such as football, baseball, or track where you are averaging only 10-20 yards (meters) per run, having a fast takeoff speed is extremely beneficial.

What To Do To Run Faster Immediately

When someone asks me, “How can you run faster?”, it usually means they want to know what to do to run faster RIGHT NOW!

Regardless how anxious you are to run faster, I still need you to train all your running drills in a specific order.

Before you start on the takeoff drills below, I want to quickly remind you to be sure you have completed the section on “How Can I Run Faster Using Speed Drills“.

After you have completed the speed drills, it’s time for you to start preparing (prepping) your body for a balanced takeoff and developing an explosive and fast takeoff.

Here are the lessons that will show you what to do to run faster by balancing your body for a fast takeoff from the starting line or out of the blocks:

1.  Importance Of Takeoff Speed In Any “Run Faster” Program
2.  Ways To Run Faster By Prepping For A Fast Takeoff
3.  What To Do To Run Faster During The Takeoff Using Your Mind, Body, And Breath

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