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How Can I Run Faster Using Speed Drills?

As a Speed Training Expert, I often get the question, “How Can I Run Faster Using Speed Drills?” so in this section I will give you 4 answers to this commonly asked question.

These 4 answers include:

  • Tips To Run Faster Using Proper Running Mechanics
  • Powerful Leg Workouts To Run Faster
  • Stride Length Workouts To Run Faster
  • Stride Frequency Exercises To Run Faster

I will give you a quick summary of each topic and will go into extensive detail afterwards.

How Can I Run Faster With Speed Drills?

I remember when I first asked myself the question, “How can I run faster?” back when I was a teenager.

How can I run fast like sprinter Michael Johnson 5
Michael Johnson sets a new world record in the 200m in 1996.

I did not ask the question in order to run faster for sports but to runaway and avoid the ass whippings from the bullies, thugs and hoodlums in my poor and rough neighborhood.

Later on, I found that being able to run fast was very useful in running away from the police whenever my friends and I were out causing trouble.

So I was always open to tips to run faster… 🙂

Anyway, let’s get back on subject and look at some of the answers to your burning question of, “How can I run faster?” and examine closely what you need to workout to run faster

3 Types Of Exercises To Run Faster

When you are looking to increase your running speed, you will often get lots of unsolicited tips to run faster by people who have never scientifically studied and practice the exercises to run faster or have workout to run faster.

In this section, I want to debunk all the hype and bullshit exercises to run faster in the mainstream media and get you to focus on the most effective and proven workouts to run faster.

Before I continue with the answers to your question of how can I run faster, I just want you to be aware that you will often hear the terms:

  • “exercises to run faster”
  • “speed drills to run faster”
  • “workouts to run faster”

… used interchangeably throughout the media and on this speed training blog.

For now, you can safely assume that they all “mean” the same thing unless I specifically say otherwise.

Some people like to use the term, “exercises to run faster”, and some folks prefer to use the term “speed drills to run faster” or “workouts to run faster” so don’t let the vocabulary confuse you.  It’s basically the same thing.

Okay, let’s get back on track to training to run faster here…

There are basically 3 major types of speed drills or workouts to run faster that you need to learn, these speed drills to run faster, include:

1.  Speed Drills To Improve Your Running Stride – These speed drills are designed to:

  • Increase your stride (leg) strength
  • Increase your stride length
  • Increase your stride frequency
  • Increase you running technique

2.  Speed Drills To Improve Your Takeoff Speed – These speed drills are designed to:

  • Prepare the body for an explosive launch/takeoff
  • How to develop an explosive launch/takeoff

3.  Speed Drills Improve Your Acceleration – These drills are designed to:

  • Increase your ability to accelerate to full speed from a standstill.
  • Increase your ability to accelerate to full speed while in motion.

Which Exercises To Run Faster Do You Do First?

Now that you know what type of speed drills to run faster you should focus on, the next question you will logically have is, “Which exercises to run faster do you do first?”

In other words, where should your training to run faster begin?

Should you start with the speed drills to improve your running stride, takeoff, or acceleration?

When it comes to training to run faster, I prefer you train “one layer” of speed at a time.

What I mean by this is that I want you to learn the beginning levels of speed first and slowly move your way up to professional and world class speed.

Because I am not there to train you personally, monitor your running progress, and gauge your level of running experience, I have purposely organized this speed training blog with a complete beginner in mind.

If you are already at the college and professional level of sports, I still encourage you to start from the beginning exercises to run faster and gradually move up to make sure you don’t miss anything.

If you are an experienced athlete then you will have better muscle control and the movements in your workout to run faster will be much smoother and you will progress much faster than a total newbie to speed training.

Your Initial Workouts To Run Faster
Should Focus On Improving Your Stride

After you have completed the mindset exercises to run faster, you can now begin the speed drill workouts to run faster.

Doing the speed drills is where you will initially gain the most increase in speed.

Before I can show you the speed drills to improve your running stride, I have to first give you some tips on how to improve your running mechanics.

After you have learned the proper running mechanics, I will then show you how to increase your leg strength, stride length and stride frequency.

So let’s get you started on your stride workouts to run faster… and start answering your burning question of, “How do I run faster using speed drills?”:

1.  Tips To Run Faster Using Proper Running Techniques
2.  Powerful Leg Workouts To Run Faster
3.  Stride Length Workouts To Run Faster
4.  Stride Frequency Exercises To Run Faster

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