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  1. Don’t u think u r giving more than enough rest for each muscle group as per ur 4 days a week program?
    By thd way how much rest shud b given to each muscle group while gaining fast twitch muscles?

  2. i wanted 2 ask u dat what shud i do if i do not have the equipments for training my calves in the gym?
    N thank u for replying me. I got ur mail. But i was not satisfied wid ur answer.

  3. hey Tai, hw r u…… u knw wat m a 400m sprinter(17 years old)…. my recent record in 400m was 55.28 s ……. in 100m it was 12.35…… how should I make a training program for myself in the 400m…. my strategy of running 400m is as follows :
    First of all, I breath fast at the starting line. It’s like you’re tricking your body into already thinking that it’s in motion. Guess what, this trick will make you fly out of the blocks with a much quicker response time! It works in more than one way. First off, the breathing noise will annoy the other runners and break their concentration, it might even make them turn their head and lose concentration as they look over to see who’s making the noise. POW! – the gun goes off and they’re a split second behind. Second, this trick keeps you from not being so nervous. Third, it decreases your response time. Then I sprint 50m,(but not to dat extent) so that I can position myself in the race. My heel recovery goes from low to high, ground contact time decreases. From 50 – 200m I run in a flow, I do not increase or decrease my speed or my arm swing. From 200 – 310m, I reinvest in the race. It is because in the turning the speed of the athlete decreases rapidly. And then comes the final phase 310 – 400m. In this final phase I just try maintain my top speed, tolerate the lactic acid building on and on and dats it.

    This is my 400m running strategy.
    so, the main phases are :
    1. 0 – 50m
    2. 50 – 200m
    3. 200 – 310m
    4. 310 – 400m
    therefore I have to concentrate only on these 4 phases to be the best in the 400m. so wat do u think wat should I do????????
    If there is another strategy better than this plzzz reply me. and plzzzzzzz give me some tips on how to make a training program for 400m sprinters………..
    I hope u will reply…. and thank u verrrrrrrrrrrrrryyyyyyyyyyyy much for that previous reply

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