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You are here at this speed training blog because you are looking for solutions to a common question in amateur and professional sports, which is… “How do I run faster?

How To Run Better And Faster

Some athletes are born knowing what to do to run faster from birth while others have to learn specialized speed training exercises to run faster.

During my 20 years of extensive research on what to do to run faster, I have discovered that training to run faster is very scientific and very predictable.

In this speed training blog, I will reveal to you several ways to run faster that will dramatically increase your running speed.

They include:How do I run faster like Usain Bolt

  • How to improve your Mindset
  • How to improve your Stride Mechanics
  • How to improve your Stride Strength
  • How to improve your Stride Length
  • How to improve your Stride Frequency
  • How to Prep the body for takeoff
  • How to Launch your body with speed
  • How to improve your Acceleration

I can not make any guarantees on how much faster you can run, but you should be able to run at least one-tenth (1/10) to nine-tenths (9/10) of a second faster using the “run faster” program that I have outlined  here for you.

Your job is to simply follow my workouts to run faster and use the effective and proven tips to run faster that I share with you instead of trying to reinvent the wheel.

You don’t learn how to run faster and longer by “reinventing the wheel” but by “turning the wheel”!

I honestly believe that I have developed the best workout to run faster right here on this speed training blog so try it out and you will no longer have to ask yourself questions such as, “What can I do to run faster?” or “How can I run faster?”  🙂

 How Can You Run Faster?

Learning how to run better and faster is not an easy, overnight task.

However, if you are willing to put in the hard work, discipline, consistent training, and apply the educated and scientific approach to speed training that I share with you in this speed training blog, you can easily expect the following results:

  • Know how to run faster and longer.
  • Know how to run a faster 5k.
  • Know how to run a faster mile.
  • Know how to run a faster 40 yard dash.
  • Know how to run faster in track.
  • Know how to run faster for soccer.
  • Know how to run faster for football.
  • Know how to run faster for rugby.
  • Etc.

Before I can answer your burning question of “How do I run faster?” I want you to understand the format, layout, and training sequence of this speed training blog.

How can I run fast like sprinter Michael Johnson - Personal Trainer Tai

I highly recommend that you begin your speed training in the order that I have created for you so that you don’t miss any important steps in your journey to learn how to run better and faster.

Step #1 – The first thing I need to do is program your mind for success and show you how to develop the right Mindset for speed so that you have the right mental attitude to run faster.

Step #2 – After you develop a championship mindset that is programmed for world class speed, then I can begin showing you how to strengthen your legs and how to increase the length and frequency of your running stride.

Step #3 – After you have improved your running stride, then I will show you how to train yourself for a fast take off from the starting line.

Step #4 – Once you learn how to take off and launch correctly, then I will show you how to improve your acceleration while your body is in motion and while it is at a standstill.

Step #5 – In the last stage of your speed training, I will show you how to have a high level of endurance and conditioning so that you are not just a “one hit wonder” on the field but can consistently reproduce your high running speeds consistently.

So let’s get started by first getting your mind on the right track to develop a speed mindset…

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Personal Trainer Tai
Speed Training Expert

p.s. – Thanks for visiting my speed training blog and may your feet soon become fast as lightning!  🙂


How do I run faster like a Cheetah or Sailfish - Personal Trainer Tai
Did you know that the cheetah is the fastest animal on land and that the sailfish is the fastest animal in the water?

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